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Galvanized steel duct

Commercial Projects

Alaska Sheet Metal is a custom metal fabrication company and HVAC contractor. We offer a state of the art shop with the equipment and expertise to provide all of your commercial sheet metal fabrication needs.

From small precision parts to large HVAC installations, we have the staff, facility, and tooling to take any job and make sure that it is delivered on time and defect-free.


Custom Fabrication

Alaska Sheet Metal is one of the most diversified metal fabrication companies in the great state of Alaska. Our talented team of skilled craftsman and installers work together to bring to you high quality, highly specialize custom metal products for your home or business.

We can design and fabricate light gauge metalwork, custom duct work, flashing, countertops, cabinetry, brackets and general fabrication.


Our Work

View our portfolio of work to see the range of HVAC and custom fabrication projects that are available at Alaska Sheet Metal. We can design and build precision parts to large HVAC installations.

We have the staff, facility, and tooling to take any job and make sure that it is delivered on time and defect-free.

Alaska Sheet Metal will conduct operations so that injuries to people, damage to property and/or the environment will be avoided. Every effort will be made to prevent accidents.

Our objective is to provide a clean, safe and healthy working environment for all employees and comply with all safety and health standards that are enforced by local, state, or federal authorities.

Our company will provide engineering controls, administrative controls, personal protective equipment and training to abate hazards and to prevent injury and illness. Alaska Sheet Metal Safety plan is on file and available upon request.

Schedules and timing are key to construction success or failure. We strive to work with our clients to formulate realistic lead times and construction schedules through all phases of building construction. ,br>

Our custom fabrication division can usually produce product with-in 3 working days and with our HVAC division fulfilling orders on time and on budget; a very important ingredient to our contractors bottom line.

Attention to detail is key to maintaining quality assures at Alaska Sheet Metal. In construction or manufacturing you must know what your end result should look like along with its practical use before the project begins.

We have quality control measures in place to justify quantities and involve our clients in the process to ensure that we have met their expectations.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide the most advanced and highest quality services to our clients
  • Quality control is the focus from the first engineering reviews to customer delivery
  • Our attention to detail and job-tracking program ensures on-time delivery
  • We continuously try to help our customers be more successful
  • Value Added Engineering for Manufacturing and Cost Reduction

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